Trim Healthy Mama- Another Update because it has almost been one year!

This morning I woke up late and won't be going to church.  While the house is quiet I have been reading updates on the Trim Healthy Mama facebook group.  There are so many encouraging stories on there of REAL people.  No to mention recipes to try.  So I thought I would post where I am since I'm getting really close to that one year mark.  This is just for me to remember and be able to look back and remember some things and is basically of no interest to anyone but just for the sake of remembering I though why not put it on here. 

As far as weight loss I am right around the 56 pound loss spot.  I started out wanting to get down to 70 pounds gone.  Not sure why and how I cam up with that number.  Honestly I never thought I would even get close so I just put a number out there.  Now that I am getting close I'm not sure that I'll get there in October since that is really close. Maybe more like 60-65 if I continue to lose like I have been and don't hit a stall.  My clothing size has went down to a comfy 12.  I would like to get to a comfy 10 but not sure if that will work since I'm so tall plus I carry all or most of my weight in the belly (always have) so this makes it even harder to get to that size in pants.  Oh well, I really love being back in a 12.  Especially after those 18's were sooooo tight last year!!

And for the good stuff.  No heartburn, no shoulder pain, no knee pain.  No bloating unless I eat off plan too many days but then I deserve it.  I am having trouble with my eyes/vision related but I don't think it has anything to do with THM lifestyle.  And I am in control of what I eat.  If I want to eat something off plan I just do it.  I'm not doing any of that emotional eating I was so used to doing. 80-90? of what we buy is healthy for everyone in the family.  My coke addiction is gone and yes it was an addiction and took several months to totally break.  Now I can't imagine drinking that junk.  I exercise at least 4 days per week and I absolutely LOVE it.  We do this as a family.  If we are running/walking at least 2 or more of the older ones take turns with Sammy and I.  If I'm at home doing stuff the little ones are joining in or we all take really long walks.  I'm working on the couch to 5K with the girls.  Sammy is up to a 3 mile run and Josiah is up to a 6 mile run.  Never thought we would be a fitness family.  It just still sounds odd to me but we are totally enjoying these changes.

The cloudy haze is gone.  The brain fog has lifted.  Sleep come easier and quicker.  If I do have several days or maybe even a week that I don't have my meal plans together and I go off plan, I know I can just jump right back in and start back on that 3 hour plan.  I had someone ask me the other day if I would go back to the old way of eating when I made it to the goal or 1 year.  I certainly hope not!!!!!!!  Maintaining will probably be the hardest but I hope we always follow this plan.  It isn't hard it just becomes the normal way to eat. Plus I know if I go off plan for too long I have a wonderful friend who also is a Trim Healthy Mama and she will encourage me back to where I need to be.  It's always great to have friends that are following this too.  You can learn so much from each other and accountability is important.  Thanks April!!!!

This is what I wish I had done- Started Trim Healthy Mama sooner.  Sammy bought me the book in March 2014 because I had been talking about it for a few months.  I didn't pick up the book till September of 2014 when I was in the bed flat on my back for a week.  I had hurt my back the end of August and the pain was a nightmare and I knew something had to change.  The book is really big and intimidated me to the point of not knowing where to start but thanks to some tips from my sweet friend Tara I got the jest of it and decided to take the plunge.  October was my starting point even though I went through a few setbacks.  I also wish I had started some kind of fitness routine sooner.  Late January early February we (my 3 girls and I) started T-Tapp.  This was incredible.  That lower back pain I had been dealing with since September was GONE!!!  Thanks to Teresa Tapp and the Primary Back Stretch. AMAZING!!!!    Now the only time I have back pain is when I eat some off plan meals.  For some reason it goes straight to my back and causes awful pain.  Another good reason to eat healthy!!!  After T Tapp and spring came we started walking, joined the Y and I have since started "trying" to run and jumped into some wonderful classes that are taught by my new friend Tonya, who is also such an encouragement to me.  She is so fit and trim but never makes me feel like I'm a goof because I'm just not that way.  My goal is to one day be fit but it is a slow process.  So glad to have her help too.  Even though I wish I had started things sooner I can say I'm thankful that I at least did start these changes.  I totally feel like a different person and hopefully after loosing so much weight I might look a little different too.  Sammy has lost about 20 pounds.  He has NEVER been heavy so just a few pounds was great for him.  He is slim, trim and healthy.  He and Josiah love to run together and lift weights.  They enjoy their time together!!!  So these changes haven't just been for me but for all 9 of us.  Instead of munching on cookies all the time we eat much healthier things.  Even though we still have plenty of sweet treats for the kids they are more of a treat instead of the daily norm which is so unhealthy for them also!!!!

So I wanted to post this quick update for me as a reminder of where I was and how close I am to that one year mark.  This summer I have not been as strict to that 3 hour mark and I hate to admit it but I have probably had a few too many pieces of cheesecake (which is still and will always be my very favorite) so I need to get back on track for these last 7 or 8 weeks of my one year challenge.  I think my new goal will be 65 pounds.  since I am officially working out surely I've managed to build a little bit of muscle-ha!!!  That will make up for those other 5 pounds.  And now for just a little bit of shallowness.  I hope to put an update on the big Trim Healthy Mama facebook group at my one year mark.  I love to read other peoples updates!!!  But here goes the shallowness, what if no one "likes" my facebook status.  Surely with over 100,000 followers  someone will be encouraged.  Maybe that's not shallow maybe that is just crazy low self esteem but whatever it is I really need to get over it and just do the anniversary picture.  If I can help anyone to start this new way of eating I'd be thrilled for them.  Wow, what a long update.  But it does take a long time to remember where I was and all that has went on.  I really wish I had posted a monthly update so I could go back and see how I progresses.  I did write it down and the inches loss still amaze me.  Maybe I can add that sometime.  When I was much fatter sometimes the last thing I wanted to hear about was someone loosing weight.   Hopefully no one will feel like that if they actually take the time to read this WAY TOO LONG POST!!!  It is not my attention to toot my own horn.  I have messed up so many times this past year I couldn't even count it all.  I just need to always remember where I was so I don't fall back into that same trap of bad and unhealthy eating!! 

Big thanks to Trim Healthy Mama and also Teresa Tapp.   What a gift they have been given and to share their wisdom with so many, I am truly blessed!!!

And if anyone does actually take the time to read such a long post.  I have no time to edit, spellcheck and reread any of this.  It's just my ramblings on a Sunday morning after missing morning service (but I will be there tonight) so please fogive all my errors, run on sentences and all my goofs!!!  Off to east my "on plan" breakfast!!!!


Lynda said...

It was truly a blessing for me to see you all yesterday even for a very brief time. The main thing I miss about being retired from the church library is not seeing all my "library friends".
Also, I am glad you posted this blog because you have obviously worked hard at the weight loss. You look amazing! It is good for people to hear the other positives, too, like clearer mind and loss of back pain.
You all are precious people and I am thankful we have had shared experiences.

Laura said...

That's so wonderful, Missy!!! Way to go! I know that's taken lots of determination and self control and hard work, and it's so great that it's become a lifestyle for your whole family. Would love to see a picture of you. :)

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Hello Missy, I have been missing you ,your are on my heart ~ just came by to see how you are.
Take care my friend...