Katie's 16th Birthday

Katie's birthday was July 5th.  July is such a great time for a birthday!!!!!  Sammy took her out for a wonderful meal and then they went shopping just the two of them.  It's always fun to shop with Dad he tend to spoil us a bit!!  It's a tradition we have with the kids, and a special time for Dad and the birthday person while I am trying to do some decorating  at home.
 Katie is one of the sweetest people I have ever know in my life.  She was such a little fireball as a small child but she has become such a sweet and beautiful young lady.  We tried to have an oriental theme for her birthday.  Katie is very interest in helping with young ones and possibly in an orphanage one day.  She also enjoys learning about different cultures.  It was a fun party to plan!!!
              Happy Birthday to our Katie!!!!!!              We all love you!!!!!!!!!!

  Our partially finished dining room decorations, somehow we got busy and didn't take all the pictures we should have.  We had Chinese chicken and even ate with chop sticks.