Samuel turns the big "5"!

 Samuel is such a sweet little boy.  He is very affectionate and loves to give a hug and kiss.  He always greets you each morning with a hug and "good morning" with a big smile ready to start the day.  Almost always the first one up too.   One day at the public library ( one of his favorite places to go) we discovered the old Superman shows from the 50's.  That was it for him, he quickly became a Superman fan.  So he wanted a Superman birthday, no request for gifts just the Superman theme.  We searched and searched for Superman things but mostly what we found was Spiderman.  So we went with lots of red, blues and yellows and it all came together really good.  The pictures don't show all the streamers and balloons but we finally ended up finding quite a bit of stuff.  Oh yes he did have 2 requests; Superman undies and Clark Kent glasses, I forgot about those.  I thought that was so funny, just what you'd hear from a 5 year old.    Now all our guys (and girls) are big Superman fans.  I need to get a picture of all of them with their Superman shirts on.  Of course Samuel and Stephen have capes on theirs.  For about two weeks straight Samuel would take his off at bedtime, we'd wash it and hang it to dry and then right back on him in the morning.  Little boys are so much fun and quite comical too.   Happy Birthday Samuel  (our Superboy) we love you!!!



Lynda said...

He is soooooo very cute! Just looking at his pics, it's obvious he is a delightful gift from God!!!

Jody Dake said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN!!! Looks like a wonderful, SUPER ;) birthday! I remember growing up watching Superman on Saturday morning cartoons with my dad, so much fun!
Did you know they even have ladies tshirts with the cape attached as well?!? Saw it at wmart! Too funny!
Glad he had a great day!

Always Experiencing Him,

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Happy Birthday Samuel..He is the same age as Lay lay. I hope your day was wonderful.