Our Week in Pigeon Forge Part 2- May 2014-Cades Cove

My absolute most favorite place to drive through, get out and explore and just enjoy the day is Cades Cove.  Unbelievably our family had never even been there till about 5 years ago.  We have our favorite spots to stop at and this time we found a few more places along the drive that are incredible.  One of my favorite places is the little church that we stood on the steps for a picture.  I've had this picture planned forever, what I really wanted to do was a "vintage" photo shoot but didn't ever take the time to work out all the outfits, maybe one day!  We were using a tri-pod with Sammy or Morgan running back and forth.  The funny thing is someone checked that shot (I think it was me) but didn't notice that Stephen was hiding at the hand rail.  Oh no!!!!!  It was so crowded there that day we decided to pack it up and move on.  Everyone was tired and some were sunburned from our days at Dollywood but we ended up getting a few photos I really liked.  Great memories from that day!!




Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Hello Missy, That is the first picture I have seen of you. I have been wondering what you may look like.
Nice to finally met you.

Cave cove is our favorite place to see also. Couldn't you imagine what it would be like to live there. Blessings to you and yours...

Jody Dake said...

OH! How I love Cades Cove as well! We just really wished they would have let them keep farming it and not let it grow up so much, oh well, "preservation" is much more important, riiiiight?
You know, I bet if Sammy had of pinched you in that 1st family picture, we would have gotten a "BIG" smile! :) HA! My dad always pulls something like that with my mom, always has...anyways, that's a great pic, a super pic, and the children's as well, just great!
You saw deer, not as big of a deal here cause we have them in our back yards now, but the BEAR! Yeah! Love, love, love seeing the bears!
We love going to the church, the one with the 2 doors, men's and women's doors, and we always sing a song while there. We just sat in the pews this last time and started one of our songs, we even had people coming in to see what it was, and one family was videoing, not what we'd want, but it was all good. You should've had a singing too!
Glad you had a wonderful vacation! See you soon!

Always Experiencing Him,

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love the photos! Gorgeous! What a lovely family :] Glad you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see a picture of you all. You have a beautiful family and I loved all your pictures! I am not sure if we have ever been there or not but I am thinking it looks like a great place to visit.