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You meet them all the time. You know who I'm referring to. The person who claims to love and represent the Lord and then it happens. Yep, they open their mouths. I've seen this behavior for years and it hurts the cause of Christ. These mouth explosions pass and most mature Christians forget it and go on remembering the fall; but there has been something brewing over the past several years that is an alarming trend. Al Gore claims he started it, but we know better. It's called the INTERNET. Do you realize that some people think that using social media is like talking in a two way private conversation? They don't realize that delete doesn't take it away from this socialistic world and years later when attempting to get a job, or running for political office; it bites them. It's not a memory forgotten, it's recorded. We all need to be reminded of this and here is a great little article doing so:

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