Introducing our new puppy.  He is 8 weeks in this photo and he is really big already.  We got him when he was 6 weeks and I think he has almost doubled since then.

His name is Gus Pike Valentino Parris
Gus Pike-obviously because we enjoyed watching Road to Avonlea but didn't think he looked like a Felix.  Valentino because we knew all day on Valentine's day that we were going to get him the very next day.

Our kitty is Albert, he is a beautiful sweet black kitty.  He doesn't have a middle name, we need to work on that.  So far they really like each other.  Gus is still inside for now but he really needs to be an outside dog.  So he will join our  Golden Retriever  eventually.  She is as good as they come but right now still has the smell of that skunk from two weeks ago. We need to add a recent picture of her.

We hope Gus and Albert will enjoy growing up together.  Albert has already tried to show Gus who is boss, now that was funny.

I've never claimed to be a big animal person.  They are nice to look at but no biggie to me.  I have however formed an attachment to Gus already.  He is a pretty relaxed dog unless he sees Honey (the outside dog) he's not very fond of other dogs right now.  Katie wants to take him for walks on the greenway so he can get used to people.  Today he took a trip to Petco but he was terrified.  I have come to realize that I am totally outnumbered in this house and I live with people who enjoy pets.  Not just any pets but big ones.  Katie has always liked big dogs.  I mean absolutely loved them.   All the kids do for that matter except Morgan, she is getting used to it but ever since that dog knocked her down and licked all over her face when she was two she just didn't get over it.  I have seen her being sweet with Gus though, he's a heartbreaker so it's hard not to love him.   When Katie was 3 she used to cry all the time for a Saint Bernard.  NO WAY!!!!  I had to put my foot down on that one.  Somehow at the age of 15 she snuck this one in on me.  I think Gus will be as big or bigger than a Saint Bernard.  I plan on posting more of him as he grows so we can remember how little he was at the beginning.


Jody Dake said...

Oh Missy, how cute Gus and Albert are! Yes, loving the great pyrenees! Julia is definitely jealous, so maybe someday... :)
Hope you had a wonderful day!

We took a horse ride, had a good walk around the farm, with ALL of us, then Jana's fam came over, we ate, and watched part of an Abbott and Costello movie, that was after church and having lunch at mom's, yes, ALL of us. A wonderful, warm, windy, March day.

Always Experiencing Him,

Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Hi Missy..I love your new blog look.
The photo's of the Children are beautiful.