Valentines Day

How many shots before you get just the right one?

We decided this one would have to do...

2013 Birthdays part 2

Since Morgan was turning 18 we did quite a bit to celebrate over a 3 day period.  In our house we usually celebrate for a couple days for each persons birthday. The first one on here  was really dark but the movie was just about to start.  The next one was a quick shot at Cracker Barrel, Morgan is asking me if I am actually taking pictures and Katie is about to start laughing because I can't ever get a good picture.  They DO NOT like this one but I do since it's the only one that turned out a little okay.   

2013 Birthdays Part 1


Since we did barely any blogging last year I decided to put some birthday pictures on here.  somehow this got put into two different posts.  That's ok, I'll leave it rather than try to fix it and  mess it all up. 
Jacob turns 9 - October 5
Josiah turns 13 - November 23
Morgan turns 18 - December 5
Katie turns 15 - July 5
part of Morgan's are on here and Katie's birthday is on part 2.