Summertime 2013, we miss you!

Our 4 youngest enjoying much warmer summer days.  These cold temps are getting kinda old.  I much prefer 30-40 in the winter than 10-15.  Sarah was getting pushed way too high in the first one but she loves our big tree swing in the back yard.  I think it's a favorite of all our children.
Samuel and Stephen playing in the back yard, one of their favorite things to do.  Jacob trying to give his most serious face as he travels in our "new to us" Suburban for the first time.  Being this serious is a challenge for Jacob for sure.  And one of my most favorites of Sarah.  Love her braids!!


Jody Dake said...

We are just enjoying our warm fires at the moment. Hope you all are staying warm as well.
The pic of Sarah in the swing is so cute, love it! I think she is enjoying it lots more than mom was it sounds like. :)
Hope all are well!

Always Experiencing Him,

Lynda said...

I, too, love the pic of Sarah in the swing - - a great action shot! I miss seeing you and your precious children! But I sure am enjoying being with our grandson every day. What an honor and a privilege.