This week has sent my mind in a thousand directions.  Last week we went for Sarah's 6 month check on her head.  Her doctor said that surgery was needed. Not what we wanted to hear after her last check up went so well.  The birthmark area is very large and everything has faded except for one area.  The last visit he said we would need to continue to watch that one area but everything else looked good and he just couldn't believe how it had faded. What that meant is that if any activity as in melanoma were to come up it would easily be seen now because it was a pink instead of the original black.  He told us this was not normal and he was amazed that it had lightened at all.  I was very surprised when he told me that we should do the surgery to remove the remaining area around the top of the birthmark.  It took me a few seconds to process what he said so I asked him to repeat himself again several times.
I know he thinks I'm nuts but I am in a way so that's okay too.  Her surgery will be on September 30th.  They will take out a size that is rectangular in shape and probably about an inch and a half by 1 inch.  That is a guess estimate size.  So the good thing we are thankful for- not the entire birthmark, plus NO EXPANDERS, this stretches the skin to a huge size and is a much bigger deal with multiple surgeries.  She will even probably be able to go home later that day.
 We have a few things we would love for others to join us in prayer about.
#1  We are asking God to totally lighten that area just like the rest of it.  We give him all the glory for doing what has already been done.  Knowing how extreme this surgery could have been for her.  Our doctor is amazed at what happened and we totally point it all to the prayers that have been said on Sarah's behalf by so many since the day she was born.  We would love to call our doctor and tell him we think he needs to recheck that area because it has faded.  I know this could happen if it is God's will for Sarah.
#2 Please pray for Sarah and our family to have a peaceful week leading up to the surgery.  When worry sets in it's hard to stay strong and basically just deal with life.  Satan attacks in many different ways using situations or people to get us when we are not fully focused on him.  We have definitely experienced it this week in different things. We need to be prayed up and prayed for through all of this.  Also Sarah does know things are going on but she really just thinks they are going to cut her hair so they can fix her spot.  We need to tell her a little more about what will happen but not enough to scare her.
#3 For the doctor and all involved with the surgery.  We know they are professionals but even someone great at their job can make a mistake or have an off day.  We want to lift up the staff that will be working with Sarah.
#4 This is the biggest thing- we want to hear the words NO CANCER!!!!  It was obvious that her doctor did not like what he was seeing.  They will biopsy that area.   For 5 years now we have known that this is something that we might one day have to deal with but the reality of it is not something I look forward to.  We are praying and believing that there is no cancer there!!!!  It's a lot to think about so I try to not let my mind wander.

We are sharing this with our family, friends, church family and anyone that comes across our blog that would be willing to pray for our Sarah and all of our family.  Also please share this with your own church, other friends and anyone that you know would be willing to pray for our little girl.  So just in case you find your way here to this little blog that we seldom update and can't figure out who we are talking about this is our sweet, precious, fireball, Jesus-lovin, sing at the top of her lungs princess of the home.:
Sarah Madelyn


Anonymous said...

Prayers going up sweet Parris family! WE SERVE A MIGHTY AWESOME GOD & I KNOW SARAH IS IN HIS LOVING HANDS!!! She is a miracle! Praying for strength for the entire family. Love the King family.

The Munck Family said...

Our prayers are with you all, those caring for Sarah...and sweet Sarah, may the Lord's peace be with her. Praying for a clean report as well.
The Muncks

Jody Dake said...

Oh Missy, we will definitely be lifting your family up in prayer. Yes, it is all in the hands of our wonderful, loving, and healing Savior. Prayers for you, Missy, for peace. Prayers for Sarah, and ALL involved... Love your family.

Always Experiencing Him,

Stephanie Moran said...

We are praying for your sweet little gal and for the entire family. God loves Sarah, and the Parris family, and He is in complete control. I know this must be a very scary and difficult ordeal but our God is an awesome God and He will carry you through!

simplyfarmhouse said...

Praying...peace and blessings to you all. Put it into God's hands He knows what to do. He will be there for you all. He never to busy. Blessings.