Not the end of the month I had planned on

I had planned to do a post on our highlights for January and February and then continue through the year.  I thought it would be a great way to look back at the end of the year and see all we had enjoyed as a family.  Then ALL my plans changed about Monday close to supper time.  First it was Samuel he said he didn't feel good and became a spooky white/gray color.  He has done this once before and kinda passes out going back and forth.  Just enough to scare me to death. He was in pretty rough shape but seemed to be perking up by about 10 that night (not his usual bed time at all but he was sick).  Sammy and the 3 older ones had planned on going to a music luncheon hosted by Keith and Krystin Getty in Nashville on Tuesday.  I was going along with them with the younger ones, just not to the luncheon.  We decided it might work out.  Sometime in the middle on the night Sarah woke up and started running through the house yelling that Morgan was sick.  I also heard the commotion too and  knew we were ALL headed for a rough week. Sammy also got sick too.  That's just the start though. By Thursday Sammy had really gotten worse so off to the doctor we go.  She tested him for the flu.  We thought we had missed the flu but I guess not.  She also treated him for walking pneumonia.  He need to improve greatly by Saturday or we needed to come back.  I know he was feeling awful!!!!  He had the flu 11 years ago and I think this was almost as bad as that, maybe even worse.  Morgan and Samuel improved quickly but poor old Dad really took the worst of it.  Stephen woke up Friday morning with a cough within a few hours he was throwing up.  Considering he has never thrown up  he got scared and ran so this made for a mess!!!  I DO NOT CLEAN UP THROW-UP WELL!!!  That's  Sammy's job and I do a better job with dirty diapers.  That's just how it is here, it works for us but he was in the bed and I knew he couldn't do it.  So I had to do the clean-up, I'll just leave it at that.  Sammy's fever finally broke in the night so that is some improvement.  He feels awful and it's hard on him and the kids to know how sick Daddy is.  Normally he gets sick and he can kick it with some Nyquil but it just didn't work this time.  Stephen still feels yucky.  I was so afraid that he had some kind of stomach thing going on but I have figured out that he is the type kid that throws up when the fever goes up quickly.  We have a few like that and then a few  who NEVER run a fever for anything.  On top of all this the toilet has overflowed (major) 3 times and the kitchen sink was stopped up.  When it became unstopped several gallons of yucky stinky water shot right out that had been in the sink.  If I don't stop and take notes on how this week has been I will forget just how hard it was.  I don't want to do that because I want to be more thankful on the good weeks.  Not to mention I was desperate and we had fast food two nights in a row.  I can say though that I am very thankful that everyone else seems to be okay and God has given us the strength to work together and take care of everyones needs.  Now off to hand out the medicine and hopefully get everyone to TAKE A NAP!!!!!!!!!  


Jody said...

Oh, Missy, I'm so, so sorry!!! Wow, you were feeling well at our house, riiighttt??? *grin* I'm just sorry all has been feeling so bad.

I DO NOT clean it up well either. Yep, Steve's job, if he happens to be here. But, yes, I've had my share as well, ohhhhhhh, so bad. I understand.

Hope you are ALL on the mend and no one else gets it!!! We actually came down to your town yesterday and I thought about calling you, glad I didn't, :) but then, I could've brought you something to eat...sorry.

Always Experiencing Him,

Lynda said...

Why does life seem to be feast or famine? Your story seems to beat anything I have ever heard anyone else go through though. Dealing with sickness is one thing but plumbing problems at the same time is a bit too much. The good news is perhaps you are on the other side of it. Praying you don't catch it!!!