Valentines Day and Bowling Fun

We celebrated Valentines Day for 2 days this year.  Thursday night was our dinner with lots of different sweets and then on Friday afternoon Daddy decided to take the kids bowling. The older ones hadn't been in several years and this was the first time bowling for the younger 4.  We had such a fun time and had the place almost all to ourselves.  The one time I did decide to take a turn, no one managed to get a picture, and it was a STRIKE!!!!  We decided bowling needs to go on our list of fun family things to do.  A perfect thing to do during these long winter months.  After several days of sickness it made for a great weekend that everyone really enjoyed!!!


Normal Life

Well it's just normal life going on.  Needing to go to the store but REALLY dreading it.  5 of my 7 complaining of the same things and now fever on top of that.  I thought we had escaped sickness for this season but I think we are heading for it full force.  Thursdays are always long days.  Sammy and Morgan get home late and then we love to hear about the music lessons.  Last night they even surprised us with some late night pizza!!!!   Morgan is up to 5 students and Sammy now has 7.  They are trying to figure out spots to work in a few more without Morgan needing to go another day to the church.  There are about 3 or 4 more that are wanting to start soon.  This is true enjoyment to be able to pass on their love for music.  If I only had some musical ability!!!!  I don't even think lessons would help me.  Oh well!!!  Off to try to write out some plans for next weeks menu including a Valentines Feast!!!  I'm thinking brownies, cupcakes, and maybe even cheesecake!!!