An amazing doctors appointment

Today was another Doctor visit for Sarah but not the normal appointments like we usually have.  Today was a day to remember forever, to always be thankful for and another example of God's grace and mercy on us.  Our visit was with a new doctor, one that had never seen Sarah before.  He gave me an odd look when I told him how dark the birthmark was on her head at birth and throughout her first 3 or so years.  About the time his nurse pulled up her baby picture that was taken there and he saw on the screen just how it actually looked.  This Doctor was a very no nonsense, no small talk guy.  He made himself very clear.  He shared with me that he had never seen anything like this happen before.  EVER!!!  Her birthmark has lightened so much it would be considered a pink color in some areas and in other spots you don't even know that it's there.  This was the best thing he said that could ever happen.  Before if there had been any cancer under or around that area it would have been impossible to very difficult to see it in the early stages.  Now if anything were to show up it could be taken care of very quickly (just like anyone else that found out they had skin cancer).  This doctor just stared at her and said he was amazed and again repeated that he had NEVER seen this happen.  They always stay the same color or usually get darker.  I quickly told him that we had prayed and asked everyone we knew to join us in prayer that God would take it away.  To us, such a huge request that we had.  To even imagine that God would remove something like this from her was just almost more than we could ever even pray for.  Sometimes our faith is small but God is in control!!!! As the doctor was leaving the room his assistant stopped and told us that for him to say he had never seen this happen was HUGE!!  For one thing he has been all over the world to operate on children and also because of the fact that he was amazed by this.  She had tears in her eyes while we were all in the room and everyone was looking at her head.  Then she started to leave and stopped and asked us to remember her when we pray.  And we will!!!  Not that "we" have anything special that other believers in the Lord Jesus Christ wouldn't have but because she saw with her own eyes what the Lord can do if it is his will.

When I was driving home I had so much on my mind.  What made him allow Sarah's birthmark, something we knew could cause her so many long term problems, basically just fade away.  I know there are parents all over that are with their children in hospitals begging God to heal them from cancer and other afflictions.  Just over a year ago we were praying for a healthy baby when we found out things were not what they should be for our Little Daniel.  We just knew that he would be okay and we would have our sweet baby boy with us.  God had other plans for Daniel.  That was so hard for us but we know that God is Good, All the Time!!!!!  In the future we may even have problems with this area on Sarah but I can say that we know that God is Good, All the Time!!!  Yes, ALL the TIME!!!!!

As we think back we are so glad that we did not jump at surgery for Sarah when she was smaller.  This would have meant many surgeries and much pain for our little girl.  After much research from others that have gone through this we knew it would be a very lengthy and serious attempt to remove something so large.

Now to share a few pictures on where we were and how she is now.  I had to add these.  I love to have visual reminders.  I also asked him about the texture of her hair and could that ever change.  One side is slightly course and thicker and the other side is sort of fine and thin.  He said that might just be a reminder of where she started out.  Sounds good to us!!!!!  We love her just the way she is!!!!  We will continue to do follow ups with this doctor and a pediatric dermatologist as well as our pediatrician.   We never want to get to a point where we take this for granted and also need to stay aware of what is going on with her head.  Also sunscreen and hats will be very important too.

We are so thankful for all the prayers that have been said for our precious little girl!!!  One day she will understand more of what today meant for us.  All she was thinking about was that "white" ice cream I had promised her after the appointment!!!

I also wanted to add a link that talks about the type of surgery she would have needed.  This is the expansion process of the skin with expanders.  I know these are VERY DIFFICULT to see what a child would go through but this is the closest thing that I saw that was like Sarah's spot.  This child had one a little closer to the front of the face.  That was about the only difference I could see.    


The Munck Family said...

Praising the Lord!!! What a testimony, and the Lord is using it to touch others. May Sarah continue to be in great health, and marvel the doctors...along with others!

Thanks for the email Missy, I need to respond. Tell everyone Hello from the Muncks!

Jody said...

What a sweet miracle! Such a blessing! Yes, God is so good, in ALL things give thanks! Even the hard times.
Always Experiencing Him,

simplyfarmhouse said...

What amazing God we serve,I love being amazed by HIM!! Lord, keep amazing us with your power and glory.
Missy I am so thankful for what the Lord has done in your family life.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I was
so thrilled to see your post.I've answered your comment your have to visit again and read it :) I visit your blog often..and enjoy it very much. Blessing to you Teresa