Saturday August 25, 2012-It's the BIG day!!!!

She's studied long and hard.  We've spent MANY hours studying 2nd Timothy.  At times I felt like we were right there with Paul writing to Timothy and felt like we somehow knew both Paul and Timothy!!!  The scriptures spoke straight to us.  They challenged us along the way.   This has been a wonderful study for us.  The Bible Bee has made so many changes since we first started with it in its beginning  and I have to say I think this year has been a wonderful improvement as far as taking the focus off learning 600 verses and putting the focus on bible study.  We have also learned about many people throughout history that gave their lives or lived for Christ even through the hardest most difficult times.  Now in the morning we're off to Alabama.  It would be great to make it to Nationals, of course that is the goal to actually get there but knowing that our entire family has been blessed by this summers Bible Bee study, that has truly been a gift.  


The Munck Family said...

Praying for your travels and the Bee! So happy that your family has been so impacted and blessed by the time in the study of His word. What a sweet special time I'm sure you have had!

Blessing to each of you!

Jody said...

My sister and her family began the Bible Bee this year, they are so excited. Hope you had a great trip and a safe trip. Prayed for your travels. The girls went to Cleveland today, and we hoped it would work out for us all to go and meet your family at Chik-Fil-A, but we will plan again. Looking forward to it! When is a better time for you, since you are schooling more than I at present? Just send me an email and we'll get it together.
Always Experiencing Him,