Please parents don't fail!!

Here's a comment I recently read from Rick Boyer in a posting he made on Facebook:

"We don't have TV in our home; never have had. But the distractions of the internet are just as bad or worse, and we have to have it for business. The occasion of my posting the above was that last night I sinned by wasting a chunk of time on online entertainment. Nothing most people would call immoral, but it's immoral to waste our limited time on this earth. I was severely convicted for it. I know better."

This is a family we have kept up with and have learned much from reading their books. He (Mr. Boyer) even admits how the computer can waste time. I said this in an earlier post I made some time ago; "If the TV is the BEAST, then the computer/internet is the brother called the DRAGON". They can both take away precious time. God help us to not be legalistic into thinking just because we get rid of the beast, we don't have to worry about the dragon. 

My family and I still watch a very good movie that is family friendly from time to time, and I mean that in the strictest sense. No foul language, no harsh unnecessary violence (there are some civil war, historic things that can be taught at an appropriate age), no immoral images, etc.., and we even sometimes get safely on the dragon (like now),

But even being careful about all these things, I can still fail miserably as a parent if I waste time. It's that precious time God has granted me that I don't want to miss with my family. It doesn't matter how much of my story I can tell on a blog, or how much of my time I can give a friend, or my career, 
if I miss this opportunity to make an impact on the lives God has entrusted me with; I'VE FAILED!

But you don't understand, I've got a degree in......FAILED!
But you don't understand, I've been a success at....FAILED!
But you don't understand, I have an opportunity to....FAILED!

Do I make my point?


Lynda said...

You are so cute! The GREAT news is you can put this behind you and move forward. Or another way to say it is in your eyes, you fell down - - but you have picked yourself back up! Praise God for obeying the conviction you had on your heart.

The Munck Family said...

Beast or Dragon...or other time robber, they all grab us out of nowhere and suck us in. We to watch videos (this can be lots of fun when done as a family), and have computer time...and yes we must be mindful not to allow it to steal from our loved ones. We too fail,and here I am on the computer now :/ each item can be used as a tool, if used wisely...and with accountability!

Your family is precious and many can see that they are "first" not these time robbers. Wonderful post with great reminders!
Love to each of you~

simplyfarmhouse said...

Thank you for the visit on my blog.
Your family is precious. We do not have a TV just a computer. I agree that both are a breast and a dragon.
Our time is limited on here. We use the computer with care. We do not have internet on our cell phones, we don't want it. Enjoy your blog very much. Blessing to you all Teresa @ simply farmhouse