3 weeks of squeezing

I am so thankful for my family. The last 3 weeks have been tough. Trying to help our local congregation at Waterville Baptist get ready to open has been very difficult. July 8th is almost here! My wife has been amazing and my kids are such a blessing. Devotion time is my favorite time with my children, and we have had to be very creative these past weeks to keep our devotions, but my blessings have understood. Through these difficult times, our church has been challenged and we have been squeezed. Let's hope what came forth from the squeezing was Jesus and not my flesh. Growing hurts. Some Christians I know don't even have to be squeezed and "fleshly" things are present. Let me say ; the fruits of the Spirit do not consist of impatience, hatefulness, or "I have arrived" attitude. I think you will find the list in scripture is the exact opposite. God knows our short comings and He can mold us into His likeness, but these 3 things mentioned have to go. I can't wait for Sunday!


simplyfarmhouse said...

Enjoy your blog...sweet children.
You are so blessed

Lynda said...

We are excited for you all, too! Hope you enjoy the new place as much as we have ours!