Sam Turned Three!

As you can tell from the pictures Sam is a baseball fan even though he's never been to a real baseball game since he was a small baby.  He is a real Yankee fan, always wanting a Yankee hat.  We did a baseball theme for his birthday this year.  I actually bought a store bought cake (even though it didn't taste that good to me) it had baseball players and the field on it.  The little baseball players were a huge hit.  He really enjoyed opening his presents this year too.  The last picture is my favorite!!!!  I knew they were watching his new Winnie the Pooh movie but I didn't  realize he had piled up on his sister.  I think she was just about as tired as he was.  That's another fun part of having little ones so close in age, they celebrate as much as the actual birthday person.  I guess turning three and being a birthday boy just wore him out.  He enjoyed relaxing and watching his new movie before bed.  Happy Birthday to our 3 year old sweet boy!!!!

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Lynda said...

They are growing soooooo fast! Great pics for what looked like a wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing your joy with us.