When will we learn?

1) The more popular something is usually means the less Christ-Like.
2) Everything really does come down to my relationship with Jesus Christ.
3) Satisfaction is not in a ministry or life goal, but in Jesus Christ.
4) Children ARE a blessing and most families want and have few.
5) Love is not based upon feeling but on commitment.
6) Being in debt is a curse and most families want, and have a great deal.
7) Worship is not a style of music or preaching.
8) A good sign of a growing church is NOT how many people are attending.
9) Success is only measured by how successful we are in submitting and following Jesus Christ and His mandates, not our career.
10) The mission field begins at home and the first disciple is your spouse.


Tesha said...

So true, I rally believe discipleship starts in the home, so many people ask my husband to disciple their boys....when really their fathers should be doing it. I hope to see you at the link-up tomorrow.

Lynda said...

EXCELLENT points - and I am not telling you in writing the ones that are my favorite!