A December Hello!

In the middle of us trying to "fix up" our blog I decided to make it go as private so that we could work on it without everyone seeing it look weird.  Not knowing when and if we will ever find the time to finish what we wanted to do we decided to open it back up for viewing.  Now a big apology to our friend and family who have told me that they miss seeing pictures of the kids on here.  We would love to keep things very current and always have lots of pictures and updates.  We started blogging when I realized I didn't have the time to scrapbook anymore.  It was so easy to just put pictures on here and I have really enjoyed looking back with the kids at family pictures from a few years ago.  That is what I thought a blog was supposed to be about.  When the school year started we decided we would post all our fun and educational stuff on our homeschool page so we could look back year after year and remember all we did related to school or actually related to life  in general.  Then comes August with a stressful pregnancy and before I knew it September had rolled on by and we were well into October.  As I was starting to feel better and trying to manage daily life around here the unimaginable happened and we found out that our sweet baby had passed away.  For days and even weeks everything was a blur.  I kept thinking is this what grief is I don't believe I am actually going through the "grieving process"  but now as I look back at it I was right in the thick of it and just didn't know it.  I've had much time on my hands with sleeplessness so I have jumped right back into reading blogs about others, I think just so I could momentarily forget the pain I was filling.  Something funny I have come to realize is that there are at least a million blogs out there that talk about being a godly woman and mother but I just can't read them all after a while it becomes boring with the same old stuff, not that I don't want to be a godly wife and mother.  There is a lot of good info out there but what I plan to do is just go back to a few of those encouraging women that help point others in the right direction.  I've listed a few of my favorite well know blogs in the past.  There are many to read but I must plan my time wisely.  So for me I will try AGAIN to guard my time.    I will read those few I found years ago and also people that I know "in real life" not just blog world. I have read that some people stay on the computer for hours all day long.  And just like now at least 10-15 minutes are gone that I should have been making cookies.  So off to make cookies and enjoy these last few days before another Christmas has passed.