Trying to get back to blogworld

We are trying to get back to the world of blogging but with so many things to catch up on where to start?  I had wanted to start off the school year with lots of pictures and do a little about school each day.  I thought it would be a great way to remember our school year better.  After a few days all that good morning(half day) sickness set in so pictures didn't seem quite as important.  Now I guess I'll just play catch up with some summer pictures and go from there.  I have actually missed scrap booking and really need to start back with that. Blogging or Scrapbooking, so many choices.  For now I think I will just do some picture posting.  I love to look back over the blog with the kids and remember all our fun times and see when they looked younger only by a few years or so.  Now to plan what pictures to post out of about 1000. 

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The Munck Family said...

YAY!!!!! We love when you blog and we can sneak a peek into the Parris family window ;)

We love you guys!!! Praying for each of you...hope to see you on the 14, Lord willing!