She Turns 3 While He Turns 2

On May 23, Sarah turned 3! The picture below is her dancing to a musical Rapunzel card she got and absolutely loved.  We celebrated with tacos and a princess theme. 


On June 19, Sam turned 2!!  Sam had a cowboy/ toy story  theme  and had hot dogs one of his favorite food.


Sarah and Sam are 13 months apart and  even though Sarah is older Sam is an inch taller.  Recently people have been mistaking them as twins. 

We love you Sarah and Sam!



His bondservant said...

Such sweet pictures of your precious children. Love the cakes too. Tell them Happy Belated Birthday from me.

In Christ alone,

Lynda said...

Sarah acts so much more mature than a preschooler who is just barely past 2 years old. I have been impressed with her excellent library behavior! I don't believe we have seen Sam with the rest of them yet. Looks like fun parties for both of them.

The Munck Family said...

Happy birthday late to Sam and Sarah! Such sweet pictures, looks like lots of fun was had. Your header is great!

Liana said...

Happy Birthday little ones!!