Ken Ham

From all the information I gather; this is the BIG reason Ken Ham was kicked out of the Cincinnati Home School Convention.
You listen and see if any Biblical "Sound" Christian would disagree with him. I also don't think Ken Ham's "spirit was unkind"
as he addresses the un-orthodox teaching of Peter Enns, but Great Homeschool Conventions sure thought it was.
God help us!

One thousand Gifts Week 4.....

30. "For thou Oh Lord are a shield for me, the glory and the lifter of my head"
31. Cindy and Shirley helping with Stephen- this little guy is really loved at church.

32. Saturday night and a nephew for serving our country

33. Family time on Friday

34. Sewing for Sarah

35. Hearing Sarah sing Jesus Loves Me in her sleep

36. A beautiful sunny weekend

37.  A six year old with missing teeth
38. Josiah talking to his sisters about books(so excited he loves to read).

39. Conversations on the phone with another homeschool mom.

40. Having a daughter who gladly helps her mom on the computer.

41. Samuel loving the outside

42. Hanging clothes on the line.

43. Bargain shopping with Katie.

44. Safety from the storm. Thank you God for protection!

45. A bag of Dove chocolates from my simply adorable husband.

Karen Peck and New River-Brian Free and Assurance

Last Saturday Morgan,  Katie and I went to a concert at South Cleveland Church of God.  We got to see Karen Peck and New River and then we saw Brian Free and Assurance.  We met our friends Cindy, Beth and Maria there and we all had a great time.  We heard some beautiful songs old and new.  Katie heard a new song (well actually new to her) and I think she is going to try to sing it at church soon.   I got a chance to talk to Karen Peck and she was just as sweet as she could be.  She is a homeschool Mom and just graduated her oldest.  He was also with the group and played guitar.   Outside it was a huge rainstorm and you could hear it too it was so loud.  On the inside we were enjoying some great songs.  We hope to hear both groups again sometime.