One Thousand Gifts

One Thousand Gifts Week Three.....

19. Making brownies with Josiah
20. Making cheesecake with my 3 girls to put with the brownies
21. We had to dig the breathing machine back out.  So thankful that we don't use it as much with Jacob as we used to but also thankful that it quickly helps him when he does need it
22. Staying up late reading good books with hubby reading his book across the room
23. Pink fingernails and toenails on Sarah-so cute
24. Time to pull out the spring and summer clothing totes
25. Swinging on the deck with the kids
26. A beautiful day at the park with friends
27. A gift from my husband with a love note attached
28. Rocky horse for Sam and Sarah to play on
29. Dad brought home another gift for Stephen from a church member.  We are so blessed by our church family blessing us with gifts and being so excited for us when we add to our family


Mother of Them All said...

Love, love, love me some Parris Kids!!!!

Lynda said...

I love your lists. Keep posting them!