Blog Under Construction-New Things Ahead

In our spare time we have been doing new things to our blog. It is currently "under construction" and changing a little bit here and there. Morgan has been investing some of her free time learning the ins and outs of blog design. She enjoys learning new things and this one is definitely something that you can put a lot of time into. We hope to be updating our Family page soon also. Here are a few things we are planning to do when time allows.  1. Right now Morgan plays piano and is also instructing Josiah, Katie and Jacob on the piano. Sammy is teaching Josiah some beginning guitar and Josiah just got his own guitar to learn with. Morgan and Katie have become very interested in the Irish Whistle. Sarah loves to sing lots of songs and anything from the musical Sound of Music. Samuel mostly just likes to dance to the music. With all this music going on we hope to add pictures of them with their instruments and also let you hear some of it too on our Music page. 2.As far as our homeschooling page we want to expand on what we do and also post pictures to remind us of all we've done through the year. 3. For our What we believe page we want to clearly share our beliefs and also expand on our family worship time together. We also may throw in things about our church on this page and all the exciting things that are going on there. Thank you to all of you who visit with us and we hope that our family is a blessing to you. Now if we can just get all these things accomplished! We are excited to see what God has in store for us this year.



The Munck Family said...

I love it Missy, we too are working on something similar. Well, minus the music bit :) Elizabeth has been working on our blog, and yes, it does take lots of work. I long to write more, mainly for our family but time seems to get the best of me! Your blog is looking wonderful and I'm sure it will bless many!

We hope to see ya'll soon!

Cinnamon said...

Missy, Thank you for stopping by our blog and for your prayers for my soldiers.

Your blog is a very peaceful color and I like your new header picture with all of the kiddos in there. So sweet!

You asked if I watched the Duggars. I do not. I'm sure I would love to if I ever thought to but life has been busy here :-) I heard that phrase "daughter-in-love" from a bloggy friend and I loved it too.

Thanks for peeking in on me~ Cinnamon

Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Love the new look of your blog! I wanted to let you know that I responded to your comment on my post "Spring Clean 2011: Kitchen." Also, can you let me know when Morgan's blog is up and running (the link says it's disabled)? She and my 15 yr old daughter Haley seem to have quite a bit in common. Haley also takes piano and is teaching it to her younger siblings. She recently got her own email account and can now follow "Mom-approved" blogs. :)