Sarah, Sam and Stephen

Sarah and Sam are so sweet together. They are the closest in age in the Parris family at almost 13 months apart. While they may be close in age they are so different in their personality. Whenever a visitor comes to our home Sarah will run and say hi while Sam dives under the nearest pillow. They love to work in the kitchen (as you can tell in the picture). They love being big sister and brother to Stephen.

Hasn't he gotten so big?  He is our black- haired  blue-eyed  baby doll.


The Munck Family said...

What cute bakers you have!!! And Stephen, oh he is a living doll!!!!

Love love love the childrens picture over on your family page, it's great. What a blessed family you are!

Lynda said...

They are adorable - - - just like the rest of your sweet family!