Defender- New favorite song

About two weeks ago Sammy had a new song for us to listen to.  He told Morgan he wanted her to learn it so she could play for him when he introduced the new song.  It's not odd for him to have a new song for us to listen to so I figured it would be pretty good and  continued whatever I was doing as he played it.  I was not prepared for just how good this song was and how much I would love it.  I think we played it about 10 times in a row that night and I have probably listened to it 50 times since then (not counting listening to Morgan practice it on the piano).  I enjoy it so much so I thought I would find it on the internet.  I love how the choir really enjoys this song.  The words are just amazing.  At the end of the video it shows the young man who wrote it.  God has blessed him with a great talent and Wow that hair is really something.

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