Birthday Celebration

On September 3, we celebrated Mom's and Mrs.Pinkard's birthday, since they are both on August the 28th (We had to celebrate it a week late because of the revival at our church).  .For the past three years we've been celebrating their birthdays together with Mom, and Mrs. Pinkard, (Of Course), also Cliff and Kay Houk, and Reba Davis.
This year after we ate at the Gondolier restaurant, we visited a private historical Civil War home.

The Wilson House
Owned By: Bob and Nancy Erwin.

Bullet holes that were shot into the home
while General Sherman was staying there during the Civil War.

One of the rooms with the original bed.

This is an authentic pre-Civil War gun.

A group picture of the whole bunch.


misslynda said...

It is obvious from the pictures that everyone had a great time! Thanks for the update. I have missed you!

Beck's Bounty said...

Our very own Cherub 4's birthday is August 28th too.

Lovely historic home. Thanks for sharing the photos.