Happy Birthday Samuel

Our sweet little Sam turned one a few weeks ago.  We love this little guy so much!  He came along so quickly behind his sister that some thought he might not get all the love and attention he needs.  Well, with his adorable smile it is really hard not to love on him all the time.  The last picture is my favorite.  It is how he looks when he is taking off after Sarah to try to catch up with her and grab the bottom of her dress.  Our biggest one year old by far- he is almost 30 pounds.  Happy Birthday to our little boy!


misslynda said...

I don't know what's cuter - - his smile or that one-year-old party suit! Thanks for sharing the fun.

Cinnamon said...

I love that crown!! So adorable! And I see you're due on Christmas day, wow! We are due Feb 2011. Fun, fun, fun :-)

What a sweet birthday boy~ hope his day was a happy one~