Katie Turned 12!!!

Katie turned 12 years old on July 5th.  She tried very hard to be our firecracker baby but was a few hours late.  Actually she was 1 full week late.  She had dark curly hair when she was born, the total opposite of her big sister.  Katie loves to celebrate and enjoys having a summer birthday so near the 4th of July.  This year she chose the evening meal, opened her presents, ate cake and ice cream and then we headed out to her new adventure- Cake Decorating at Hobby Lobby, this was part of her gift that she asked for.  So far she has had two lessons and she's doing a great job.  The cakes are very tasty so it is going to be easy to pack on the pounds for our family.  Katie is a pleasure to be around.  Giggly most all the time and quick to offer help, especially when helping with the little ones.  We are so proud of her, she is becoming a wonderful young lady.  This year she has moved from the children's choir to the Sunday morning adult choir.  She enjoys her time with Daddy on the way home from choir practice on Wednesday nights.  They do lots of singing and acting silly on the way home.  Or so I've heard.  We love you very much Katie (KK)!

Happy Birthday Samuel

Our sweet little Sam turned one a few weeks ago.  We love this little guy so much!  He came along so quickly behind his sister that some thought he might not get all the love and attention he needs.  Well, with his adorable smile it is really hard not to love on him all the time.  The last picture is my favorite.  It is how he looks when he is taking off after Sarah to try to catch up with her and grab the bottom of her dress.  Our biggest one year old by far- he is almost 30 pounds.  Happy Birthday to our little boy!

Bows, Bows and More Bows...

For a few months now I have been trying to make bows for Sarah.  Well now I finally have made a few that I consider OK for her to wear.  I am still learning but we have a fun time picking out ribbon and making the bows.  Not to mention it is much less expensive to make them instead of buying them.  We have tried to match up several of her outfits with these bows.  The pink and black is probably my favorite so far.  It will be for an adorable outfit for the fall that was a birthday gift.  Can't wait to try to do some fall and Christmas bows.