She Turned 2!!!

                                      Sarah Madelyn Parris

Sarah turned two a few weeks ago!  We grilled out hot dogs and had cake and ice cream.  It was a small and simple celebration but one that she thoroughly enjoyed.  Her favorite part was playing with bubbles outside with the others after she had opened her presents.  It's hard to believe that we have a two year old in the house again, but she is so funny!  Doing new things all the time and trying to be just like the older ones.  She is fascinated with Samuel since he can crawl around so good.  He wants to be right with her and she loves that (till he knocks down all her blocks).  I am enjoying seeing these two do things together that the other ones didn't do, since they were spread farther apart.  I can tell it's going to get very lively in our house.  I look at Sarah and see how blessed I am to be her Mother. I am so thankful God gave me this special little girl.  Happy Birthday to our Sarah!!!


misslynda said...

That sure happened fast for me - - her growing older! And I am praying for your congregation as you seek God's new location for worship.

The Munck Family said...

I love the pictures, and her smiling face with her cake...Precious she is!!!

Richard Wofford said...

Happy birthday little cutie..