Stuck To Yourself?

I never will forget my second born daughter Katie looking out a window as we sat waiting on mom in a Walmart parking lot and seeing a young preteen girl walk by and saying; "Daddy, she's stuck to herself." It caught me off guard and I asked her to repeat herself and sure enough, that was her evaluation of the young lady or should I say girl. I laughed out loud and tried to not act like she had the statement wrong, but later as she got older I reminded her that her version of "struck on herself" was very sticky..Ha! Well, in remembrance of Katie's famous words, here is a few evidences of being "stuck to yourself."

1. If you take more pictures of yourself than anything or anybody else, you might be stuck to yourself.
2. If you look in the mirror more than 12 hours out of a 24 hour day, you might be stuck to yourself.
3. If you are worried more about number 1 than you are anybody else, you might be stuck to yourself.
4. And lastly if you regard what someone else thinks more than displaying the image of your creator, you might be stuck to yourself, and also stuck to worldly ways or perceptions.

I seriously think you should "love" yourself, but please, please don't get sticky.

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misslynda said...

That's funny but that's what makes it fun to read. You made some good points.