Real Deals

My momma always said it: "Son, you will know them by the fruits they bear." How true she was. Jesus tells us in His word that all the law and prophets hang on 2 commandments; 1)"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. 2)"Love your neighbor as yourself."
Do you define love as a feeling? Do you think that if you show unkindness to someone you're loving them? If you do, then we read different Bibles. Love is an action word and the Word proved it by performing an act of sacrificial death. Death on a cross for you and me. I have had many people over the years that have been true friends. They're the ones that love being with you and spending time with you, but not being a blanket. I've also had some that say they are my friends, and that they loved me, but boy my home was not where their heart was. That's why it's so refreshing to meet those that come along in your life that are what I call "The Real-Deals". They live out their faith and maybe they don't always agree with you, but they love you as the second commandment above states that a Christian should. I am so glad we're not all alike. How boring life would be. Oh I think one should have a lot in common with another brother in Christ, but no one has all the same likes and dislikes, somebody is faking it.
By the way, here is another hot topic I'm going to shoot out there for those that want to debate it on my next post.
How do you define Church? What does the bible say makes up a church?
More on that later......

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