Charles Towler

On Saturday, March 27, we had an historic day at Waterville. We celebrated Charles Towler's 50th year of writing and composing gospel songs. Charles is such a humble man, but truly has extraordinary talent. He can play multiple instruments, and is one of those God-gifted teachers in general, but especially in the music field. He was the Music Minister at Waterville for 15 years before I came in late 2005. Talk about intimidating; but not with Charles, he has been here to help me each step of the way and for that I'm forever grateful. God Bless You Charles Towler!, and I agree:

As Long As I Have Breath, I Will Praise The Lord!

Check Out This Sample Of The Celebration:

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misslynda said...

You and your wife do the sweetest tributes for your church family. Thanks for sharing the praises!