My Pastor

We are celebrating our Pastor's 10th year anniversary this month at Waterville Baptist Church. Allan Lovelace has been a great influence in my life for the past 5 years that I have been in ministry along side him at Waterville. Pastor Allan is one that will exhort you with love, and then hold you through the process. I celebrate you my Pastor Allan!


misslynda said...

I agree that you have a great pastor. He has a wonderful family, too. Yours is one of the churches I would visit when looking for a new church home - - - - IF I were looking - - - which we know I am not.
It is great you are giving him tribute.

Liana said...

I agree too! Allan is a great pastor. I miss being under him. Wow! It is hard to believe he has been there 10 years! It seems like yesterday when we voted him to come be the pastor. :-)