I know I'm bringing up some hot topics, but this one is soooo dangerous! I recently heard a story of a missionary working by God's grace in the country he had been called to. He was walking down the road of a busy market when he noticed a man in a turbin talking to himself. He walked up to the man and asked "How are you today?" No response. He proceeded to ask again "How are you today?; again nothing. As he turned to leave, he noticed someone in another booth of the market motioning for him to come over. He walked over and the gentleman explained that he had noticed him trying to get the attention of another seller. He pointed out that the seller wasn't being rude, but it was 3:00 O'clock, and at that time he talked to God, and if he didn't talk to God at 3:00 O'clock; God would be disappointed with him, and it would be dishonoring. He proceeded to tell him that if the man's cassette tape player wasn't broken; he could have played his recorded prayer that he does sometimes to take care of his customers when they come by at the appointed time of, you guessed it, 3:00 O'clock. Now, what's wrong with this? Everything!!!
#1. There is absolutely nothing you could ever do to gain God's favor, that's why we need GRACE.
#2. God is not wanting you to have some sort of systematic approach to a relationship with Him with rules and regulations. He wants YOU!, and He wants you to be yourself (Godly) self that is, in your approach to Him.
#3. If God has all of you (as pointed out in #2), you will want to be submissive to Him and want to obey Him, because you will realize what a privilege it is for this Almighty, Holy, God (JESUS CHRIST) to want to have a relationship with you.

Now make sure you understand, I'm not saying that there isn't any boundaries here, or do's and don'ts, I'm just saying practicing the do's and don'ts doesn't bring us to God, only what Christ did for us on the cross did that. People get this backward; they work or practice do's and don'ts to gain God's favor. Instead of practicing do's and don'ts BECAUSE OF God's favor.

I've rambled long enough,
Have a Blessed Day!

P.S. I invite you to go to youtube and watch this 5 part video series about the subject of Legalism.

Here's the first video:

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