All Church Services Canceled!

Unfortunately, all church services for Waterville Baptist are cancelled tomorrow, Jan 31st. This means that "This Hope" will be here next Sunday morning, Feb 7th. All of you out in blogger world who were coming to the worship service tomorrow to see This Hope; please forgive me. My little boy is really in to Alaskan Huskies, and was really looking forward to meeting these Alaskan fellers, so he is really disappointed...., but there is next week!

See you then!


"This Hope" Comes To Waterville!

The Christian Group "This Hope" Will Be At Waterville Sunday Morning!

Check Out This Video Of Their Song Break My Plans:

Check Out More Songs Here.

Tim Lovelace

Tim Lovelace came to our church last night and it was a blast! That may sound a little funny talking about a church service and Tim would hope it would. Seriously, it was very worshipful and moving. He is a true Christian comedian, but he knows when to get serious and let God move...Here's a little sample from a video: